once upon a time we journeyed together. now we look back and are thankful. we will always cherish moments that transpired from 1988 to 1992 and beyond...

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Finally... tempus fugit (Hhoooy!!!...)
Mala, kinadali man lang talaga an oras...
gruminadwar man kita sadto...
(Yes teddy, yer kinda right--college na kita niyan!)
Oh men, remember these people below us...
"Who bang the duuhr?!?..."

Adi tabi an official homecoming tshirt. sa mga wara paka-attend na gusto magkaigwa just keep in touch with dondee or leave a message here should you wish to order (color of the shirt is white/ then sizes range from kidsize, babytee [ideal for our superduper sexy partners], then the regular sizes (XS-S-M-L-FreeSize-XL-2XL & 3XL). just indicate where to send the shirts. for OFWs, well, sa mga paryentes nalang didi sa 'pinas ihatag nan ipadara saindo. owki? (well, the payment system... hmmm, saka na naton paghororonan.)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

horophorop man lang san bago mag-homecoming.
pa-click nalang san link (cf. "homecoming")

Monday, October 24, 2005

aw nano daw talaga an ibig sabihon sadi na design san bado ta? Posted by Picasa

medyo amo na ini an majority san nagburutwa (si parex, very well represented man gihapon ni gie!, mala kay inabandona na an batch niya, naka-olpstar8892 shirt man! lest we forget, si batot palan tabi an model nan inspiration san design san bado ta). joebert (gamos) arrived on the 2nd day of the celebration. salamatonon tabi sa pag-paonra! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 23, 2005

"naula an isnakan...tsk., tsk., tsk..." Posted by Picasa

welcome, the "late" atty. viyao (obvious-onon, kay laen naka-uniform; medyo cloudy ada kaya sinakit lumanding) Posted by Picasa

welcome! no other words could be as apt and perfect an exordium than this.

as promised, during our recent olps homecoming where we celebrated 60 glorious years of OLPS existence, we're to come up with our own blogsite, this one's a lot easier to manage. and perhaps a lot more interesting (blogging is indeed a lot more fun these days. people go to work and apparently keep themselves busy on their workstations only to find out later that they are either blogging or updating their friendsters!)

every batchmate is encouraged to post anything under the sun. i shall give you the password so that all of us will have access to this and be able to edit and post everything or anything that shall keep the fire burning. and please look inside your bauls. we are looking for our old old antiquated photos. please post them here, for posterity's sake! our memories make us more grateful. and so these images and experiences shall all the more trigger our hearts--to look back and say thanks to our past. and perhaps, understand better what and how we are today.

the recent homecoming was indeed a nostalgic experience (or better said: "fastidious and prig!" hoooy! don't sue us please, atty. viyao!). and such event was something that brings us greater consolation. it links us to our past (in our case, our "abnormal" past, hehehe! so are we still sending our kids to the seminary after all?)

part of our journey is to momentarily look back to this wellspring of experiences--our galilee of sorts. so that the journey up ahead may become even more meaningful--rooted to one great experience when we were all growing up learning the ropes of living!

and where was that again?

yeah, a place we call OLPS!

welcome home...

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Ayos, sana naman by this blog damo na na kabatch an ma update san buhay buhay san mga 8892 class. For those who didnt make it to the alumni affair (english na ina) mag hulat na lang padi ma ipost namon mga pic, ma paingit man anay...he,he,he we miss u guys, mala kay in paralibak na naman kamo ni pipi, and kun sino man tabi an gusto mag witness kay atty. viyao, ma kaso na daw siya san nawawara na sapatos, nan si teddy man tabi aram na niya na nag graduate na palan kita sa high school, at long last na mulat na rin an pato, he,he,he sige tabi paki spread na lang sa mga sano ta na igwa na kita sadi para mapagayon ta pa ini

we were once tiny sparks... Posted by Picasa

here we are! we're still waiting for the others to arrive... Posted by Picasa