once upon a time we journeyed together. now we look back and are thankful. we will always cherish moments that transpired from 1988 to 1992 and beyond...

Monday, April 30, 2007

Karera na lang kita Luking!!! Sige ko lang an post niyan habang ganado. Aram ko miss mo na an kagwapohan ko.

Beware Luking................... nagpapadaku na ako lawas para paguli mo.............he!he!he! Daog ko pa an training ni Dela Hoya!!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Diin pa kamo mga sano? yadi na ho...



Saturday, April 14, 2007

hi guys!
if you have free time, tabi man, check out my dad's blog. lalu na an mga nasa harayo na medyo nami-miss an election sa city of sorsy. well, pag may time nan kaya san powers, we scribble some little thoughts and reflections about the on-going struggles san pagdalagan niyan ni paderes. mapagal kay grabe an limitations in terms of logistics. rewarding man when you see yourself able to face ini na daragkoon na makinarya san mga pilitiko, and then meet a lot of people and see the real score san ciudad ta.

si vice mayor mike pag nalibre na sana makashare man saaton san experiences niya. kaso, sobrang busyhonon man idto. kadamo man sadto materials na pwede i-post for us to have a closer look san politics, lalu didi sa ciudad ta. he's doing well, and dako-dako an chance niya.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

ransacking the refectory. with permission ini sa fr. rector ha.

reminiscing the old classroom scent.

class photo: janson, dondee, enrico, tidi, mike, jagu, pino, bebet and marlon.

then angie joned us shortly. reminder na man sa mga mapahimo san jersey, hehehe.

behold, the "future" of sorsogon city!

hail the dishwashers! next reunion it'll be: lebitania, obsum! mauruli man kamo ano?

hallowed ground. hanep half-naked an vice-mayor! kneel down!!!

cueshe live in sorsogon! (while looking for a cottage in bacon beach), then we had this view:
(yer right, lalaki man tabi sinda!)

finally we had our cottage. then nagburutwa na sinda ayee (after 5 looong years? taga-bacon lang yan) and cabs!
atty.viyao here, signing the petition for "habeas sapatoz", with palamig as respondent.

ngiritonon si father ah! we saw him sa tiripon sa jane's fastfood early in the morning, then busyhonon pagprepare sa liturgy the entire day; we're glad fr.japi joined us before he proceeded to guinlajon for the easter vigil.

class picture sa mango grille. having our easter dinner. whattaday! indeed everybody was happy. we hope to see you around next time. keep posted guys!

Monday, April 02, 2007

...during our recent sorties in thailand, me and my wife ninz
...@ the golden buddha temple in Wat Traimitr

...@ the royal grand palace in Na Phra Lan Road

'never missed to have a whistle stop at the Chatuchak Market, a shopping paradise in Bangkok... lalo na sa mga mahilig sa bargain pati ukay-ukay

also @ the Chatuchak Market... a piece of art work from scraps of car engine and motorcycle parts. 'just got my attention with the intricate details replicating the charater of "alien"--also include yoda of starwars, american superheroes, even pornstars hehehe